SPa Package Add ons

Birthday cake



Your princess or diva can have a cake for cut ting and making a toast with her guest.

Cake table option

•Choose (2) half dozen treats
•Popcorn bar 
•Colored Candy



•Cake  8"

•Choose (2) half dozen treats

•Popcorn bar 

•Colored Candy 

Popcorn Bar



Popcorn Station included

Tiny marshmallows 

Chocolate m&m's

Gummy bears

Gold fish

Bling scoops

Treat bags

Party bags


$12 per guest

Spa bags will be filled with spa items such as lipgloss, lotion, bathbomb and candy etc.

Paint Session


$12 per guest

Each girl will be provided with a pre-drawn or blank  canvas( they take home), paint, brushes and aprons. They will channel their inner artistic flare while sipping on our sparkling lemonade and listenin to their favorite songs. 

D.I.Y Station


$12 per guest

Spa guest will choose a station from, slime, lip gloss or lotion to create their own special smell or color. At the end of every session it will be packaged and guest will take it home.

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Custom Treats

Pretzels Rods- $15 per dozen basic (2 color icing)

Strawberries- $24/doz basic (2 color icing) 

Oreos- $20/doz basic (2 color icing)

Marshmallow pops - $16/doz 2 colors icing

Cake pops - $24/doz basic 2 color icing

RKT's- $22/doz half dipped, 2 color , $24/doz full front dipped & decorated (plain white stick) 

Chocolate number lollipops- $18/doz (2 colors) 

**Prices vary depending on theme**